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Foreign Local SEO Citations or Getting A Citation From A Foreign Website. Does this hurt or help my website along with my GMB rankings and positions in Maps. In this video I want to cover this common question and shed some light on this topic.

Implied links along with co-citation play a part especially when speaking about local search optimization. So I hope I have answered your questions related to building foreign citations and if you can or should you. If you have any future questions related to local SEO or foreign search engine optimization feel free to ask below.

A great read regarding brand mentions and implied links or co-citation is the panda patent have yourself a read for more information regarding this topic.

0:00 Intro –
0:50 Can I Build Foreign Citations
2:00 Are Local SEO Citations Good?
3:10 SEO Citations For Rankings?
4:40 Citations as Backlinks
5:30 United States Patent: 8682892

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