Google Ads Blocked Open AI’s Chat GPT (Case Study)

Google Ads Blocked Open AI’s Chat GPT (Case Study)

This fun case study and experiment I will be going through is a open AI chat GPT case study involving the Google ads platform. What this case study and SEO experiment will include is going to be utilizing multiple functionalities of open a eyes chat GPT. What I went ahead and did is I went inside of Open AI’s chat GPT and I created Google advertising including multiple AI generated titles for my Google Ads. I then went ahead and I also created multiple variations of Google ad descriptions utilizing chat GPT .

After I was done creating my Google ads utilizing Open AI’s ChatGPT for today’s case study. I then wanted to go ahead and really push the envelope inside of this case study so what we did is we also did is used the GPT-3 model to go ahead and also with artificial intelligence create the landing page for our Google ads campaign case study.

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So in summary what we are testing out here in this case study is:
1. Does Google penalize your ads for utilizing chat GPT content
2. Is the quality score of your Google ads affected by using Open AI
3. Can chat GPT be used for ad copy.
4. Will Google’s AI detection filter either the ads or the website the ads are attached to.

These particular topics were covered in this case study I hope that you found this as fun as I did and I hope that you’ve learned a lot from today’s experiment. If you have any future questions related to Google ads or if you have related questions to open AI or anything related to artificial intelligence or chat GPT or even GPT-3

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