Google My Business Profile Listing Setup – Step By Step Tutorial with Checklist

Google My Business Profile Listing Setup – Step By Step Tutorial with Checklist

In this video I will share with you a step-by-step of my 24 part checklist for Google Business Profile Setup that I created an infographic around that I have shared the URL to above. These 24 steps will cover everything to get your Google my business account listing back on track or on track to begin with.

We will cover everything starting at the very beginning of optimization for your Google business profile listing including the setup. After the initial setup we will start with the title of your business and then quickly moved through each and every aspect of setting up an optimizing your Google business profile listing.

This step by step tutorial will then walk you through the steps of optimizing your services and products inside your Google my business profile. Once we have created an optimized each of the sections we will also go through photos videos cover art every single thing in order to get your Google my business listing set up and optimize properly. This is a 24 part Google business profile manager tutorial that is step-by-step and there is a follow along guy that you can either download or you can go ahead and view the infographic on Chris Palmer Marketing.

Google as possible is going to be more crucial than ever if you want to attract more customers to your business. With a Google business Profile, you will need to showcase your business through your business images, local business customer reviews, list your businesses products and or your businesses services that your listing offers and more.

Once you’re Google Business Profile is all finalized and set up it can appear in Google search and on Google Maps results when local visitors search for a local business like yours locally. If you have any future questions at all related to Google my business or Google Maps search engine optimization please never hesitate to go ahead and ask in the section below or I’m always happy to help local business owners just like you with their local business marketing especially when it comes to Google my business setups.

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