Google SEO Tips – Google Penalty and Algorithmic Penalties

Google SEO Tips – Google Penalty and Algorithmic Penalties
Chris Palmer SEO Consultation:

What you will learn in this video:
1. What is the Google dance and is it a bad thing for your website or is it a normal thing to see multiple fluctuations of rankings.

2. What a manual penalty is and how to spot it in case you did not see anything in search console linked to your site.

3. What a Google algorithmic penalty is on a web page and what to look for and if it is a problem that can not be fixed or can it be , ( of course it can)

4. Some tin foil hat theory about the disavow tool when and how to use it or should you not use it at all.

Any further Google SEO questions that I can help you with please feel free to ask below. #googleseo #googlepennalty #chrispalmerseo

0:00 What is a google dance
2:00 What is a manual action
5:00 What is a algorithmic penalty
8:00 what is the google disavow tool

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