How to Become an SEO Freelancer with Nick LeRoy

Learn the SEO blueprint for 2024:

In this episode, Nathan Gotch sits down with Nick Leroy, an accomplished freelance SEO consultant boasting over a decade of expertise. The conversation navigates Nick’s transition from agency roles to the freelance realm, delving into the dynamic evolution of SEO and the critical role of interpersonal skills in client management.

Nick offers a deep dive into his methodologies for client acquisition, revenue diversification, and tactics for increasing his rates while successfully navigating the complexities of imposter syndrome. They further dissect the intricacies of SEO consulting, including effective client qualification, the advantages of transparent pricing, and the rationale behind not making result guarantees.

The interview also illuminates Nick LeRoy’s unique sales techniques and consulting approach. Key topics include conducting effective discovery calls, crafting compelling proposals, establishing oneself as a high-value consultant, and strategic methods for scaling a consultancy business.


β—† Building a connection with potential clients during discovery calls is important to establish trust and rapport.

β—† Sending informal scopes of work via email before providing an extensive scope can help save time and increase acceptance rates.

β—† Positioning oneself as a high-value consultant may require making it difficult for clients to work with you.

β—† Scaling as a consultant and making significant income often requires exceptional skills or scaling beyond oneself.

00:00 Introduction and Scaling as a Freelancer
03:00 The Evolution of SEO and Early Experiences
08:07 Transitioning from Agency to Freelance
14:43 Developing Soft Skills as a Manager
19:35 Finding Clients and Diversifying Revenue Streams
26:39 Raising Rates and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
37:20 Challenges of Consulting and Client Qualification
43:36 Upfront Pricing and Guaranteeing Results
47:40 Sales Process and Discovery Calls
50:27 Sending Proposals and Scopes of Work
51:57 Positioning and Perceived Value
52:58 Scaling and Making Money as a Consultant

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