How to Calculate Website Traffic For Click Through Rate Manipulation SEO

How to Calculate Website Traffic For Click Through Rate Manipulation SEO

In today’s video what I will share with you is exactly how you can calculate your keyword traffic for your click-through rate manipulation campaigns. When a page is ranking in his ranking because it is receiving traffic for more than one type of keyword. When you’re manipulating a serf or you’re manipulating click-through-rate you need to First determine a benchmark based on a top performer website. #

You need to also note the types of keywords that a website is receiving traffic from in order to start manipulating traffic because if you just send in keyword clicks based on the primary key word you’re not going to go ahead and move up the serve it might actually move you down the service especially if the bounce rate is super high and there is zero dwell time.

Clicks in traffic based on what the top performers are receiving is exactly how you can start to get an increase once you’re already on or in the top of page two or on page one. Traffic and click through rate manipulation should not even come into your strategy until you’re at the top of page 2 or the bottom of page one.

If you have any other questions related to click through rate or click through rate manipulation or how you can start manipulating traffic in order to get a ranking increase in search engines like Google please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all traffic and keyword manipulation questions below.
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