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In this video, I’ll show you how to create SEO content with AI (that actually ranks well in Google. Here’s the cool part: I did it using nothing but free SEO tools.

🔥 Here’s the 9-Step Process You’ll Learn:

Step #1: Select SEO Keywords That Work
Dive deep with Ahrefs free keyword generator to pinpoint long-tail, low KD keywords ready for ranking. We’ve used “how do wood fired pizza ovens work” for the demo.

Step #2: Google Competition Check
Discover how to identify under-optimized pages and spot your window of opportunity. With our example, there’s hardly any competition!

Step #3: Craft Your SEO Strategy
Leverage the might of ChatGPT or Bard (free versions) to formulate a content brief that serves as your roadmap.

Step #4: Create Content with AI
Hubspot’s AI paragraph rewriter tool comes into play, helping you flesh out each section meticulously. Generate, shorten, and tweak the tone for audience resonance.

Step #5: Edit Your Content
Edit with the Hemingway editor for concise, clear, and compelling content before final grammar checks.

Step #6: Use AI to Grade Your Content
Engage ChatGPT for content grading and refining based on intelligent feedback.

Step #7 & 8: Content Optimization & Visual Enhancement
Stay tuned for these vital steps in the video!

Step #9: Promote!
Publish, interlink, index, and prep for backlink acquisition.



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