How to Create Bulk Local Google My Maps SEO Citations Tutorial

How to Create Bulk Local Google My Maps SEO Citations Tutorial

In today’s Google my maps local citations video what I will walk you through is how you can create mass or bulk Google my maps local citations. Now it’s covered the local citations utilizing my maps in the past and yes I fully understand that utilizing local citations from my maps might not be the most effective strategy.

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However the point of today’s video is to showcase how you can first mass create these Google my maps as local citations and then export the KML file. With that KML file you are then able to utilize those my map citations from this tutorial and then you can create a location-based site map on your local website. Just like your other side maps that you might have on your local Business website this tutorial will walk you through how you can create the my map citations and then upload them to your local business websites XML just like your other XML sitemap but this is a location-based site map made from the KML file which is created by utilizing Google my maps.

So this tutorial will take you from the beginning Until the End step by step how you can create Google my maps citations. Then I will walk you through step-by-step how you can take those Google my maps citations and download them as a KML file so you can then create a location-based site map that can be uploaded as a XML sitemap to outline your locations that you do business in for your local business.

If you have any questions related to local search engine optimization or Google Maps SEO please feel free to go ahead and ask below where I’m always happy to answer any and all local business or local SEO questions related to Google my business Google Business profiles Google Maps or anything Google SEO related that can help your local business.

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