How to Create Schema Markup For WordPress without Plugins

How to Create Schema Markup For WordPress without Plugins

In today’s video I will share with you how you can create schema markup for your WordPress website manually without utilizing any extra plug-ins. I will walk you through the process of how you can utilize Chrome extensions that are free in order to figure out what schema markup your competition has so you can utilize a generator in order to recreate it.

Some WordPress users do not want to bog down their systems with extra plugins or extra SEO plugins so this video will be great for anyone that wants a manual touch as far as schema markup is concerned. When only utilizing the schema markup that your competition has you know that Google is rewarding it so you can recreate it and use it for yourself and a easy and fast way on your WordPress websites.

The tools that I have shared with you today.
1.SEO Pro Extension on Chrome
2.Merkle Schema Generator

If you have any questions related to how to create schema markup or how you can do WordPress SEO without plugins please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all WordPress or SEO questions below.
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0:00 How to create Schema Markup
1:00 Create Schema on WordPress Without Plugins
3:00 Schema Generator
6:00 Free SEO Chrome extensions for Schema Markup
7:00 Schema Markup for WordPress Free

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