How to do Google Maps SEO Local Traffic Optimization 2022

GMB MAP SECRETS,How to do Google Maps SEO Local Traffic Optimization 2022 . Optimizing your Maps based on your competitors.

This video will walk you through my process of finding the amount of users that will be needed for different search intents. Each type of search regardless if the search intent is based on direct searches or direct traffic or if the traffic is discovery based traffic from terms like near me. Every type of traffic and the signals it sends needs to be accounted for to improve your maps rankings in 2022.

I’ve covered the correlation between your website transparency and your ranking but in this video I want to go a little deeper on Google Maps and how to figure out the user signals and amounts in order to properly optimize your user metrics for improved rankings in maps. Google Maps and GMB SEO

If you have future questions related to Google my business or Google Maps search engine optimization or maps marketing SEO or Google Maps SEO feel free to go ahead and ask below where I’m always happy to answer any local search engine optimization questions that you have. Thank you for taking the time to watch how to do google maps seo traffic optimization for 2022.

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