How to do Local SEO Keyword Research

This video will teach you how to do local SEO keyword research for your local business CTR keywords. I will be going through step-by-step on how you can find the most prominent local keywords that you will need to increase in order to compete in any particular search engine results page SERP.


Oftentimes a business owner wants to win a very specific keyword , but in order to win a big primary high-volume High competition keyword we also need to gain traffic and have the relevant words on the page in order for us to compete for one primary keyword.

So I will walk through in this video on how to determine what keyword you want to rank for. And then finding out what other keywords are competitors are bringing in traffic for so we can start gaining traffic for those specific keywords as well.

There is more to local SEO and keyword research then just creating basic content and building local backlinks to it in order to increase your rankings. You also need to also increase the amount of user engagement that we are receiving for other keywords on the pages that we want to rank.

If you have any further questions related to keyword research or local SEO please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all questions in the section below where I’m always happy to help with your local business questions.

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