How to Maximize SEO Power from an Expired Website

How to Maximize SEO Power from an Expired Website

Hello and welcome to another Chris Palmer SEO short today’s short question comes from Peter S and he asks what are you going to do after buying all of these expired domains are you going to rebuild all of the pages how they were before do you only want the referring domains or are you just going to redirect every incoming link to a new inner page great questions the first question is yes I want to gather up as many of those referring domains as possible that’s why I’m buying the expired domains the second question am I going to rebuild out these site exactly how it was not the navigation and not the design the URLs that had the most referring domains I’m going to rebuild out those URLs exactly the same URL structure the last thing is no I’m not going to redirect them I’m going to build out those pages and then I’m going to repurpose the site in the same category so it’s within the same topic not the exact content but the same topic I hope this helps you out I’ll see

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