How to Optimize Images for SEO

How to optimize images for SEO – For any Website & WordPress
What you will learn in todays image SEO video.

1. File size optimization : How to optimize your images for Optimal Performance and rankings

2. OCR: Optical character recognition and how Google uses optical character recognition to read images that have words on them so much so that Google gives you a guideline to follow in order to have them read your images better.

3. Next Generation images: using next-generation images like jpeg2000 and also next Generation image file formats such as WEB P format. I cover the benefits of using highly compressed images such as JPEG 2000 and WEB-P format in order to get a Competitive Edge over your competitors that are not using highly compressed images in or not worried about image speed.

4. Title optimization: how you can quickly and easily optimize your images titles.

5. ALT Text optimization: alternative text optimization is often overlooked by simply analyzing your competitors alternative text you can get a good idea on what Google is rewarding inside of image search in order to get more traffic.

6. Local images: I give a helpful bonus at the end of the video regarding geo-setter a tool for changing the exit and go coordinate details within an image for local SEO.

0:00 How to optimize images for SEO
2:00 What is image optimization
4:00 how does SEO work on images
6:00 how to optimize alt text of images
8:00 how to optimize local SEO images
10:00 how to add SEO to images
12:00 why image SEO is important
13:00 How to optimize image titles

If you have any other questions related to optimizing images for search engines or any other SEO or image SEO questions feel free to ask below or reach out.

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