How To Use Gmail For Link Building

I am going to show you 4x free ways that you can supercharge gmail to build the links you need at scale.

Gmail is an incredible link building tool because its-

✔️ Free
✔️ Trusted
✔️ Customizable
✔️ Fast

Plus it has a bunch of handy features like being able to save templates along with some powerful filtering and sorting options.


I want to show you how to transform it into a heavy weight link building tool-

It is a tried-and-tested platform when it comes to link building outreach.

You can fully customise it to:

✔️ Increase your productivity
✔️ Use Boomerang to automate follow-ups
✔️ Use Discoverly to break the ice effectively
✔️ Use FindThatLead to find the right email addresses
✔️ Used the Advanced Checker, Respondable or Grammarly to improve the the email quality

(you’ll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

🎞️ – Video Chapters
00:06 Why Gmail Is A Great Tool
00:20 Installing 4 Free Add Ons
00:28 Boomerang
01:17 Discoverly
01:50 FindThatLead
02:15 Spelling & Grammar

⚙️ – Resources In The Video
A Link Builder’s Guide To Gmail –
My SEO blog –

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