How to use GSA SER Site Lists or Scraped Websites

How to use GSA SER Site Lists or Scraped Websites

In today’s SEO tools tutorial what I will be walking you through is automated link building utilizing two well-known SEO tools for your link building campaigns. The two tools that we will be utilizing today in this SEO tutorial will be Scrape box the SEO tool which is absolutely phenomenal for creating comment backlinks. Along with Scrape box a SEO automated link building tool being phenomenal for creating comment backlinks for your link building it is also really good at finding websites for other automated link building tools like GSA SER also known as GSA search engine ranker. #seotutorial #backlinks #chrispalmerseo

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The main priority of today’s video will be to utilize Scrape box in order to find domains to post comment backlinks on. Alongside utilizing Scrape box as an automated link building tool we will also utilize GSA search engine ranker in order to get some backlinks to our websites of choice as well. I will walk through multiple aspects of utilizing both of these SEO tools to create backlinks. If you have any questions related to today’s SEO tutorial on how to get backlinks please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all questions below we’re always happy to talk and help with link building.

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1:00 SEO Tools Tutorial: How to Create Backlinks

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