How to use LSI Keywords and What are LSI Keywords

How to use LSI Keywords and What are LSI Keywords

In this video I cover how to use latent semantic indexing keywords or LSI keywords for search engine optimization. I also go through what exactly LSI keywords are and what the difference is between LSI keywords and co-occurring keywords. Along with the definitions of LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords I also cover how to utilize LSI keywords inside of your content.

After covering how to utilize LSI cured inside of your content I give some recommendations on a few tools out in the marketplace that will help you not only optimize your content for search engine optimization or SEO. But these tools will help assist you with LSI keywords and optimization before you even post your content.

Some of the tools that I covered in today’s video included but not limited to page optimizer pro and Surfer SEO along with in links these are some of the tools that utilize the Google NLP API along with other proprietary algorithms to find co-occurring phrases to help optimize your web pages for the best and most relevant results. If you have any questions related to how to use LSI keywords or what are LSI keywords and how they can be utilized within your content please feel free to go ahead and ask below.

0:00 How to use LSI Keywords and What are LSI Keywords
2:00 What are LSI Keywords
5:00 How to use LSI keywords
7:00 LSI SEO Keyword tools

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