Joe Davies Reveals the Journey of Building Fat Joe: An SEO Empire

Welcome back to “The SEO Entrepreneur” with your host, Nathan Gotch. In this insightful episode, we’re joined by Joe Davies, the co-founder of Fat Joe, who shares his journey and expertise in the SEO industry.

Dive into the world of scaling an SEO business, evolving SEO practices, and more.

🕒 Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction: Meet Joe Davies of Fat Joe
0:22 – Joe Davies’ Background and How Fat Joe Began
2:54 – The Early Challenges and Breakthroughs at Fat Joe
4:23 – Developing Fat Joe’s Internal Systems and Handling Orders
7:15 – Evolution of Fat Joe’s Tech and Operations
9:34 – Strategies and Sources for Acquiring Fat Joe’s First Clients
12:06 – The Importance of Reliable SEO Services
13:29 – Google Ads: The Main Marketing Strategy for Fat Joe
14:51 – Changing Dynamics with Offers and Client Acquisition
17:15 – Understanding Attribution and Marketing ROI
20:55 – The Roles and Dynamics of Business Partnership at Fat Joe
23:06 – The Benefits and Challenges of a Business Partnership
26:56 – Growing a Team and Managing Over 100 Team Members
28:49 – Typical Work Week at Fat Joe and Future Plans
31:18 – Insights on SEO Trends and Practices Based on Fat Joe’s Experience
35:39 – The Evolution of SEO and Current Best Practices
37:10 – Balancing Quality Service with Client Expectations
39:16 – Fat Joe’s Approach to Link Building and SEO
41:15 – The Impact of Brand and Anchor Text in SEO
44:11 – Acquiring the Fat Joe Domain: An Interesting Story
45:10 – Impact of Domain Consolidation on SEO
47:06 – The Importance of Branding in SEO
49:48 – The Shift in SEO Strategy: Focusing on Brand and Content Quality
52:38 – Building a Personal Brand: Joe Davies’ Journey
56:27 – The Strategy Behind Joe Davies’ Personal Brand

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