Keyword Research: 5 Untapped Strategies

It’s no secret that keyword research is THE most important part of SEO. That’s a fact.

Unfortunately, most people make the same (huge!) mistake with their keyword research process: they start off using the Google Keyword Planner.

Look, the GKP is a great tool. It gives you objective information on search volume, estimated bids and the trending popularity of a keyword. It’s a tool that everyone needs to use. But it’s not very good at generating new ideas.

That’s where these 5 strategies come into play. Here’s how they work:

1. Online Forums: Forums are a little old school, but there are popular forums in pretty much every niche. And they’re a watering hole where your target audience asks questions (which are usually things people also type into Google). If you notice a thread coming up over and over again, it’s likely a keyword that people type into Google and YouTube.

2. Wikipedia: Thousands of hand-curated topics. Each category in a Wikipedia entry is a potential keyword. Most internal links that point to other WIkipedia entries are also potential niche-relevant keyword ideas.

3. “Searches related to…”: Just scroll to the bottom of Google’s search results and see what keywords they suggest. This is an absolute gold mine.

4. Book titles and table of contents are both awesome keyword research opportunities.

5. Kind of a modern day Q&A website. Perfect for generating new ideas for keyword research.

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