Local SEO 2022 – Google My Business Optimization (Maps SEO)

Local SEO 2022 – Google My Business Optimization and Google Maps SEO Tips and Tricks.

In today’s video I will share with you a Google my business optimization tips that will allow you to change your categories with a lot less scrutiny. Oftentimes when creating Google my business listings you might run into an issue regarding the categories within your GMB. What I have found is a way that you will be able to change out primary categories during your Google my business optimization for your Maps listing so you’re able to get a better primary category.

Along with local search engine optimization and Google Maps SEO I will also give some tips and tricks regarding Google my business for 2022 and Beyond. Everything that I will walk you through will be over the shoulder it will be step-by-step and it will be in tutorial format. If you have any questions related to Google my business or Google Maps please feel free to go ahead and ask where I’m always happy to answer any and all local SEO questions that you might have. Thank you for taking the time to learn with me during todays local seo google my business optimization maps seo video aimed to aid local search optimization implementers moving through 2021 to 2022.
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