Local SEO Blogging How to Create a Blog 2023

Local SEO Blogging How to Create a Blog 2023
In today’s local search engine optimization video I will walk you through step by step on how you can create a blog for your local business. Creating a Blog is generally not a business owner’s first step however when we’re talking about search marketing for your local or your small business creating a blog is a great way to start introducing other keywords in order to get more organic search traffic from search engines like Bing or Google.

What this video will do is give you a clear understanding of not only how to find the best keywords to blog about for your local or small business. But I will give you step by step instructions in today’s How To tutorial that will also guide you once you have established your service based location page keywords I want to share with you how you can create supporting content or blog content that is going to give you more search traffic and rankings.

If there are any questions related to local SEO or blogging please feel free to let me know in the section below I am always happy to help local businesses and small businesses achieve better results through search marketing.

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