Local SEO Schema Markup

Learn local SEO how to implement schema markup for your local business website. I will give you multiple tips in this video on how to create Schema for your business.

I will be focusing on teaching you a FAQ Schema for a local site. However the tips for building your schema markup can be used for any local website along with that.

Local SEO Consultation: https://chrsplmr.com

How I create and find the custom schema types can be used for any type of schema markup that you decide to add to your website.

I wanted to show you a great way to get Google enhancements in the SERP with Schema Markup . With that said on each page that we can win a enhancement using Schema we want to add this Schema type to the pages that are relevant.

If you have any future questions related to local search engine optimization please feel free to ask I am always happy to share any tips that you might need to help your local business succeed.

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