Local SEO Tips – Local Data Aggregators

Local SEO Tips – Local Data Aggregators

In today’s local SEO tips video what I will be breaking down is what is a local data aggregator submission service and what is a local data aggregator do and how can it help your local business.

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A data aggregator is a provider that gathers up information about other businesses and then passes that data on to sources like Yelp.

Your business can sign up to use a data aggregator like on Foursquare. Simply create your account, add your business information, and then that DA takes steps to verify your information. Once your local business is verified, you’re added to the aggregators database along with thousands of other local businesses. Your business information is subsequently RSS fed to many of the websites and services that use business data from that aggregator. Some great aggregators are Four Square , Data Axel , Yellow Pages.

Aggregators push information using systems such as RSS feeds, so they can push information from thousands of businesses to thousands of other sources. It’s this step that makes data aggregators so easy and simple along with fast for citation building. Just create one account with an aggregator , submit your info, and hang tight as it gets pushed out to multiple sites.

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