Local SEO Tutorial, How To Create Advanced Local Citations

Local SEO tutorial on how to create advanced local citations using videos.
Website: https://chrispalmer.org
By the end of todays video you will know why you want to create video citations and the step by step how.

In todays local SEO tutorial learn how to build video citations for you’re local business.

Steps in this local SEO guide:
1. Create a branded YouTube channel
2. Get a verified GMB google my business listing
3. Add NAP details to your YouTube video
4. Add your Google My Business / Google Maps share link to your video description.
5. Use other GBP Google Business Profile links for your description to help push relevance and trust to your GMB entity.
6. Add in your local business citations to help build entity relationships.

This video is about local SEO and GMB local SEO along with YouTube SEO and citation building for your search engine optimization campaigns and I hope these local tips and tutorial helped you.

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