Off Page SEO Using 301 Link Building

Off Page SEO Using 301 Link Building

In today’s off-page SEO video what I’d like to share with you is a case study that was going over a website that utilized over 300 301 redirect backlinks in order to build millions of backlinks for their website.

Not only did this particular website inside of this case study utilize hundreds of 301 redirect for their link building strategies but they in the process tens of thousands of referring domains in order to get their overall organic traffic into the hundreds of thousands of visitors on a monthly basis.

This video comes about after getting a question from a subscriber related to having too many 301 redirects or if there is a limit to the amount of 301 redirect when building backlinks utilizing 301 links.

For those that don’t want to watch the video no there is not a limit to how many 301 redirect you can build to your website. I cover all of these tips and More in today’s off Page search engine optimization video but there’s a lot of tips and insights in this video and to redirect strategy for link building.
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0:00 Off Page SEO Using 301 Link Building – intro
2:00 Off Page SEO Using 301 Link Building
4:00 Off Page SEO Link Building using redirects
6:00 Can you build to many 301 redirects
8:00 Link Building SEO using redirects
12:00 301 Redirects and SEO tips

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