On-Page SEO 2021 – SEO Factors

On-Page SEO 2021 – SEO Factors For Bing Search Engine Optimization it’s confirmed Bing values “QUALITY” aggressive on-page SEO and term frequency / inverse document frequency also known as TF/IDF.

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Recently I had a ranking page by optimizing my on page SEO in my option very well , and with that said I did everything wrong on the page.

Including using different title tags to H1 tags also I did not internally link to the page on my website other than from the error page.

With that said I did a lot very well including , word count and variations including the Schema mark-up and along with that plenty of entities and co-occurring keywords or LSI.. https://youtu.be/XzPlbJ0Mp-0

0:00 On Page SEO 2021
1:00 SEO Factors
2:00 TF IDF Signals
3:00 SEO Factor Update
4:00 On Page SEO Factor For Bing

So just 1 1/.2 days later even after sending traffic , all I did was lower the amount of variants of the keyword on the page lowering the Term frequency nd BOOM the page drops.

Also with that I want to point out that Bing highlights the phrase and phrase match words for this keyword on-page SEO factors.

This is a fun little finding and I am happy to share it with you. If you have related SEO questions feel free to ask I am happy to answer any and all on page SEO questions that can help your business or website online.

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