On-Page SEO: Keyword Stuffing

On-Page SEO: Keyword Stuffing – Chris Palmer SEO : https://chrispalmer.org
In today’s video about on-page SEO and keyword stuffing, I will discuss the concept of keyword stuffing and its importance. In a recent video, I shared tips on optimizing your web pages to achieve better rankings in various locations within your state. I received several comments regarding the use of a keyword or location keyword multiple times in the URL, with questions about whether this constitutes keyword stuffing.

I aim to clarify what keyword stuffing is, how and when to use it effectively, and whether including a keyword in a URL is considered keyword stuffing or a proper on-page optimization technique. If you have any questions about on-site SEO or need assistance with on-page optimization, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’m here to help with all your on-page SEO needs.

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