On Page SEO Tools Surfer SEO VS Page Optimizer Pro

On Page SEO Tools Surfer SEO VS Page Optimizer Pro

When choosing a on-page SEO tool you’re really trusting that the tool is going to optimize your content the same way that you would if you were to do it by hand. The main difference when choosing an SEO tool is to speed up your process your optimization not add more work or make it harder for you but better optimization score without spending as much time.

This video breaks down exactly why I made the change everything from price to optimization scores and other features that really interest me when optimizing a website or webpage.

The main things that I covered in this video are going to be price along with optimization scores including the amount of heading tags the amount of latent semantic indexing keywords co-occurring keywords and the amount of heading tags that are optimized along with your schema markup and also e a t scores and what you need to add in order to get expertise Authority and Trust into your pages..

For me choosing page optimizer pro was a no-brainer when looking at the overall optimization scores of each page optimizer pro vs. Surfer there’s no comparison page optimizer pro optimizes closer the way I would do it if I was doing it by hand.

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