Proof ☝️ Chat GPT SEO Copywriting Can Rank #1 on Google in 2023

Proof ☝️ Chat GPT SEO Copywriting Can Rank #1 on Google in 2023 – bloggers and SEO’s alike say chat GPT cant rank in Google. After this video you will know why that is not true.

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If your seeing this after the video you now know Lorem Ipsum ranks why wouldn’t chat GPT in this very fun video I wanted to just showcase a lorem ipsum page that we created that was ranking very well. The reason why I’m showing this is when we look at Open AI’s chat GPT.

I see a lot of bloggers and SEO’s complaining about the quality and that Google will not rank A.I content or chat GPT content for that matter. So I just wanted to Showcase some of the things that we have looked at and if Google will rank Lorem Ipsum text why would they not rank chat GPT content if you took the time to properly optimize it.

I walk you through a page that I recently ranked utilizing literal gibberish in order to rank number one for a relatively high competition key term in a local SERP and if you can rank gibberish with proper optimization why can’t you rank Chat GPT content with proper optimization.

I will point out the most important elements to ranking using on-page optimization when assessing your competition and performing on page optimization along with filling out your entities LSI terms along with all the other aspects of SEO content writing.

If you have any questions related to local search engine optimization or content writing so your business can write number one please feel free to go ahead and ask below.

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