Semantic On-Page SEO Tips

Semantic On-Page SEO Tips – Advanced On-Site Semantic Entity SEO
This video I had the pleasure of speaking with Ted K. regarding on-page SEO and advanced search engine optimization using entities and entity diversity.
Ted gives us some very actionable SEO tips regarding advanced semantic SEO giving us the step by step break down in with we need to be optimizing our pages to see the maximum benefits from our on-page optimizations .

This segment what we are covering is on page search engine optimization regarding entities LSI keywords and co-occurring phrases. Ted will break down the process of utilizing entities and having a diverse amount of entities within your web pages.
Along with talking about semantic SEO and LS I along with Corcoran phrases we will also briefly cover other on-page SEO tips. If you have any questions related to on-page SEO or if you need any semantic SEO tips please feel free to go ahead and ask for below. #semanticseo #onpageseo #chrispalmerseo

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