SEO Agency: What Does A SEO Company Do?

SEO Agency: What Does A SEO Company Do?
Chris Palmer SEO :

In today’s agency video, we cover what an SEO company does exactly? We will have an office hours live stream where Chris Palmer myself along with my brother Alex Palmer discuss an upcoming SEO project and search marketing plan for a local SEO client.

At our agency we often will lay out what we call the play or the game plan before initiating any work we would like to figure out what the structure of the website will be. We also want to know how long the pages and how big the pages will be. if we’ll need any images or anything else for those website pages and where Chris Palmer Marketing the “ SEO agency “ can fill the gaps for our clients’ company.

There is a lot to go into an agency’s overall involvement with a company’s search engine marketing and this video will outline at least some of it so you can understand what an SEO agency is doing for you behind the scenes.

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