SEO Analytics Masterclass (with Brie Anderson)

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In this episode of The SEO Entrepreneur Show, we are thrilled to have the phenomenal Brie Anderson, Founder & CEO of Beast Analytics. With her vast experience and deep understanding of analytics, Brie sheds light on the critical aspects of SEO data mastery.

Brie Anderson, a data-driven marketing maven, shares her journey from social media marketing to delving deep into analytics. With her extensive experience, she emphasizes the importance of engaged sessions and how they are calculated, providing clarity for marketers struggling to understand GA4’s intricacies.

What you’ll learn:
⬩ The significance and calculation of engagement rate vs. bounce rate
⬩ Brie’s insightful journey into analytics and data-driven marketing
⬩ How focusing on a niche can significantly contribute to business growth
⬩ The process of transitioning exclusively into analytics
⬩ The necessity of auditing and documenting your tracking plan
⬩ Strategies for effectively tracking engagement with GA4
⬩ The challenges and benefits of transitioning to GA4
⬩ Understanding and utilizing engaged sessions in GA4
⬩ The importance of establishing a home base for effective analytics
⬩ Practical strategies for improving page engagement rate

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