SEO Audit – How to do an SEO Audit

SEO Audit How to do an SEO Audit using my 189 point SEO Audit Checklist.
The SEO Audit Book :

This video what I’d like to cover is SEO auditing and how you can do an SEO audit for your website. What does video will cover is how you can utilize complementary and free Tools in order to implement a technical website audit. Along with how you can perform on-page optimization SEO audits for your website. Also I get into user signals and user metrics like conversion rate and click-through rate optimization auditing.

And I even take care of server-side SEO auditing inside my book and in today’s video and last but not least a fan favorite in search engine optimization which is off Page search engine optimization auditing. All aspects from Technical on-page and off-page optimization Down 2 conversion rate will be talked about in today’s SEO audit video for 2022.

If you have any questions related to how to do an SEO audit or any other search engine optimization questions feel free to ask below. #seoaudit #seoauditbook #chrispalmer

0:00 SEO Audit – How to do an SEO Audit
3:00 What is SEO auditing?
6:00 How do you do an SEO audit?
9:00 Is an SEO audit worth it?
11:00 What is SEO Audit Checklist?
14:00 How much does SEO audit cost?
18:00 What is a SEO audit book by Chris Palmer
20:00 Chris Palmer SEO Audit book
22:00 Chris Palmer SEO audit checklist
23:00 SEO Audit Checklist book

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