SEO Training – How to Rank on Google in 2021

Learn how to rank on Google in 2021 in today’s SEO training step by step tutorial video. I wanted to try something new so I decided to showcase my bulk CTR training in this search engine optimization training live.

As promised in the video I have decided to go ahead and share a code for those that have decided to watch this Google SEO ranking training.
This training is not just for ranking on Google locally. But you can take these strategies and techniques from this video and you could utilize them for Google Maps, or ranking a national website on Google.

So regardless of the niche that you are in if you want to rank higher on Google then click through rate or CTR is going to be very helpful. Much like optimizing your on page SEO or building backlinks in order to increase your off-page SEO it is often times overlooked to optimize your user signals or your click-through rate.

So I hope after you have watched this SEO training to rank higher on Google you’re able to take the information that I’m showcasing in today’s training and utilize it for your own campaigns regardless if it’s a local campaign or not.

If you have future questions related to today’s SEO training or if you just have questions on how you can rank number 1 on Google never hesitate to go ahead and ask below where I’m always happy to help.


0:00 SEO Training How to Rank On Google in 2021

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