The SEO Audit That Increased Search Traffic By 45%

Read the full case study at – I had the worst year in 2018 for search traffic, I had lost 33% of my visitors!

By completing an SEO audit I was able to increase organic traffic by 45%.

If your website is suffering declining traffic or you just want to give it a boost then you can learn exactly how to increase your traffic in this video.

I am going to take you through exactly how I carried out my SEO Audit…

Firstly I carried out lots of feedback and observation exercises which allowed me to create a 5 step plan to not only recover my site’s traffic but to increase it!

The results were amazing and demonstrated exactly how important on-page SEO is. Taking care of the foundation of your site is the first step to any successful website and certainly should come before link building.

If you haven’t completed an SEO audit within the last 12 months, then I strongly recommend you do so NOW.

(you’ll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

🎞️ – Video Chapters
02:30 Visitor Feedback
04:17 Manual Observations
05:42 Technical Spot Checks
11:02 Automated Tools
13:07 Content Audit
20:07 Speed Optimization
22:13 Renovating My Homepage
23:12 Site Structure
24:18 Site Navigation

⚙️ – Resources
The Common Sense SEO Audit –
Ahrefs –
SEMRush –
Website Auditor –
Screaming Frog –
URL Profiler –
My SEO Blog –

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