The Top 5 On Page SEO Ranking Factors

There are 27 ranking factors that you need to add to your on page SEO checklist.

However they aren’t all created equally so I will go through the top 5 that have the biggest impact to your on page SEO

You should focus on these factors first:

✔️ Mobile responsiveness – Google will penalise your site if it isn’t mobile responsive, plus this adds for a much better user experience.

✔️ Your site speed – Every second counts when it comes to your site speed and it is a ranking factor that Google now take very seriously.

✔️ Keyword at the beginning of your title tag – This allows a search engine to see what the topic of your content is within the first few milliseconds of landing on your site.

✔️ Internal link building – Use internal links to help Google identify new pages and push your visitors in the right direction

✔️ The length of content – Long form content usually outperforms any content that is brief and short. Compare your competitors for the optimum word count in your niche.

You will need to focus on all 27 ranking factors eventually which include factors that directly influence your page and factors that indirectly influence your page through another factor.

(you’ll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

🎞️ – Video Chapters
00:30 Mobile Responsiveness
01:00 Site Speed
01:33 Title Tags
01:54 Internal Linking
02:19 Content Length

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