Video Marketing Strategies For Local Small Business 2021

YOUTUBE MAPPING Video Marketing Strategy for local & small business owners to increase website traffic, leads, . This tutorial I walk through the step by step tutorial to mapping YouTube business channels to websites for maximum results regardless if your a small business or large national brand going after more keywords.

SEO Consultation:

I will walk through a step by step guide on how to setup and structure a YouTube channel for your local or national business website. Video’s on YouTube mapping to your local or national website.

Step 1. Create branded YouTube Channel
Step 2. Gather keywords related to your website that have video results in the SERPS.
Step 3. Create video targeting only keywords that show video results on Google.
Step 4. Create playlists mapping to your website categories and pages
Step 5. Embed and share the playlist’s.

If you have any questions related to local business marketing feel free to ask below where I am happy to assist you with questions related to SEO and anything digital marketing.

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