Watch Before Migrating Website To WordPress From Website Builders

Watch Before Migrating Website To WordPress From Website Builders – Chris Palmer:

Moving your website can do more than change the design of your site. WIX or Squarespace website builder to WordPress search engine optimization video.
What I’d like to share with you is a wildly overlooked Factor when switching from one platform to another. And what is often overlooked when changing from perhaps let’s say Squarespace over to WordPress is that we are going to have to change our hosting provider. When we go out and we change our hosting provider we also need to change our a records inside of our DNS.

When we change our DNS records this is changing our IP addresses and furthermore this changes the entire digital address of our website that’s like the equivalent of changing our actual location in real life. Google and other search engines reward stability also they reward age. So when we go out and we change our IP addresses it’s like starting over.

And I have had multiple clients go through this they change their websites from Squarespace or WIX website builder and hosting over to WordPress in order to get a design or a speed increase and then they have to start over in their rankings. I just want to put this information out so you can see it and you can make your decision.

I hope that it’s helpful if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below.

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