Website Structure: How to Plan Websites Content Structure?

Website Structure: How to Plan Websites Content Structure?
Chris Palmer SEO :

What you will learn in todays video:
1. There are two site structures I’ve found successful: flat and deep concept siloing.

2. The key message is not to choose one over the other but to pick what’s best for your needs.

3. Silos involves creating depth in your website, with a strong focus on relevancy and concept.

4.The silo structure starts with a homepage and branches into top-level pages and more specific pages underneath.

5.A flat structure treats every page as equally important by keeping them close to the root.
6. Flat structures can result in a lot of manual internal link management, which can be cumbersome for large websites.
7. Silo structures are preferred for larger sites due to easier content management and organization capabilities.

8.Smaller sites or single service/location sites can benefit from a flat structure, as it signifies every page’s importance to Google.

9.Whether you are siloing or keeping the structure flat, it’s still important to create depth with your content and ensure supporting pages link back to commercial intent pages.

10. Manual work for flat structures and , more automated work for silo structure, each depending on the scale of the project.

If you need help with SEO, including understanding silos or foundational aspects, I offer help through booking a consultation or leave a message here where I am always happy to help.

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