White Hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO (they’re both idiots, this is why)

If you identify as a White Hat SEO or a Black Hat SEO, you’re an idiot!


Well, when I see anyone labeling them self as a white hat, that immediately tells me that they have a HUGE GAP in their SEO knowledge because they only understand HALF of the game.

And that’s the biggest problem!

By picking a side, you deliberately chose to reduce your potential, knowledge and intelligence…

In White Hat SEO, link building tactics like guest posting is highly recommended. But the TRUTH is buying links in bulk to manipulate search ranking is AGAINST Google Webmaster Guidelines and period!

So, isn’t it all Black Hat at the end? YES, it is!

Instead of choosing a side, it’s much better to understand the metrics that Google WANT to see.

Then, all you have to do is feed these metrics, and the most intelligent way to do that is to have a complete understanding of White Hat SEO Tactics AND Black Hat SEO Tactics. The combination of these tactics will lead you to great results!

It’s time for SEOs to UNITE!

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🎞️ – Video Chapters
00:00 – Introduction to White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
00:04 – Why Labeling Yourself as White Hat SEO Reduces Your Potential?
00:37 – The Truth About White Hat SEO
01:28 – What are the Metrics that Google Wants to See?
01:35 – How to Feed These Metrics?
02:20 – It’s Time for SEOs To Unite

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