Who Are Press Releases For?

Who Are Press Releases For? This is what I cover in todays video.
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Press Releases Are For Business Owners Looking To Build Authority Fast and Safe:

0:00 – Press release distributions are primarily for any business small to medium , site owner, site helper, anyone. They are generally useful when we want to build a pages authority safely and get hundreds of links cost effectively.
0:20 -PR is your solution to building some authoritative links while making your brands footprint larger.
0:40 – I mention how affordable this newswire solution is for increasing overall site authority and upping trust values.
1:00 – I confirm that the service can cater to almost any site, as long as they don’t overdo it. Local businesses may also experience immense benefits.
1:20 – I briefly cover a technique on how you can enhance your press releases with YouTube embeds or framed Google Maps.
1:40 – I cover how the slightest most minor updates or changes to your online business or brick and mortar can call for a press release announcement online. I love announcing new admins, theme updates.
2:00 -This service is what everyone looking for cost-effective and safe link building.
2:20 – Press releases can provide a safe boost to any website for a relatively low cost.

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