WordPress SEO Setup Tips

WordPress SEO Setup Tips using Plugins and Themes.
When setting up your WordPress websites please be mindful of the on-page SEO and the heading tags. https://www.chrispalmerseo.com

A common issue is that WordPress plugins and page Builders and adding content in different views like in mobile view what these paid Builders and themes are doing is adding in multiple heading tags into the source code within your pages that you can’t see with your eyes you have to check the source code.

So this video will share with you how you can double-check your work and make sure that your plugins or your themes are not doubling up you’re heading tags and making it very hard for your pages to become properly optimized.

If you have any questions related to WordPress search engine optimization or if you need any other SEO tips feel free to go ahead and ask below.
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0:00 WordPress SEO Setup Tips
1:00 WordPress SEO Page Builder and Theme Issues
3:00 How to fix WordPress SEO issues

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