YouTube SEO Backlinks For Ranking Videos

YouTube SEO backlinks for ranking videos is it effective? That is the question that will be answered in today’s video you will learn the difference is between the YouTube ranking algorithm and the Google ranking algorithm.

There is a massive difference between ranking videos on and ranking videos inside of Even though these companies are both owned by Google the algorithms for ranking and also the factors for ranking inside of these platforms are completely different.

YouTube is primarily looking at four separate things number one is they are looking at your brand of 40 or Channel Authority along with their looking at your overall keyword Authority how many videos have you made on this topic or uniformity for this topic. Along with looking at Channel and keyword Authority YouTube is looking at your click-through-rate on the videos that you produce. Along with looking at the overall watch time for your videos. on the other hand has its very own ranking algorithms. Even though they have a video section they also have a organic listing section that shows videos. Watch time and click through rate on YouTube has some effect on the rankings within however it’s not as large of a factor as people sharing the videos, the amount of in beds for the videos, along with backlinks going to these videos.

There is truly a lot to learn from today’s video and I hope that you now understand the differences between the YouTube ranking algorithm and ranking within Google. Both platforms showcase and have videos however ranking inside of these platforms is completely different.

If you have any future video search engine optimization questions feel free to go ahead and ask below and I appreciate you taking the time to watch today’s YouTube search engine optimization video regarding back linking to YouTube videos.
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