Areej AbuAli

Guest Bio:

Areej has been in digital marketing for over a decade.

She has a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA in IT.

She is an international industry speaker and has spoken at SMX, BightonSEO, and MozCon

She founded the Women in Tech SEO in 2019, growing to over 5,000 members worldwide.

Please welcome the founder of Cawlina, Areeej AbuAli.

Knowledge Bombs:

18:34 – How does Areej get ranking on page one of Google?

Areej’s SEO strategy focuses on technical optimization, quality content, and strong backlinking to improve a website’s visibility on Google. She emphasizes the importance of high-authority websites for success.

19:20 – How did Areej got into SEO?

Areej stumbled into SEO during an internship and was hired for her Arabic fluency. She acquired expertise in the field through on-the-job learning.

21:48 – Areej journey on starting Women in Tech SEO

Areej founded the “Women in Tech SEO” Facebook group to address the lack of representation of women in the tech SEO industry. The community grew from 100 members in its first week to include local meetups and in-person events in London, fostering a vibrant and supportive environment.

28:10 – Areej’s three tips for a successful pitch

  • Ensure you have a very specific topic to discuss.
  • Put together the skeleton of your talk in your pitch, outlining the key points.
  • Wrap up your pitch by emphasizing the main takeaway or learning that the audience will receive from your talk.Β Β 

29:39 – Initial challenges that Areej faced when starting the Women in Tech SEO

Areej faced balancing her full-time job with community building, highlighting the importance of considering whether to work alone or involve others to avoid feeling isolated and ensuring a balanced workload.

32:26 – The key of getting sponsorships

Areej initially worked with sponsors on a project-by-project basis, but realized the potential of having general Community Partners. Offering continuous engagement opportunities and maintaining transparency about costs and returns, she successfully securing sponsorships for her initiatives.

36:16 – How does Areej execute successful SEO events and meetups?

Areej organizes SEO events and meetups with regularity, speaker selection, content quality, and networking opportunities. Monthly events with two to three speakers encourage women to share expertise. Topics include “Analyze,” “Advance,” “Innovate,” and “Empower,” catering to various community interests.

51:07 – How has Areej’s journey with Women in Tech SEO shaped her perspective on leadership and community building?

Areej’s time with Women in Tech SEO influenced her views on leadership and community, balancing work with community and fostering collaboration.

55:08 – Areej’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Areej advises aspiring SEO professionals to start by learning SEO, using resources like Aleyda Solis’ website, and seeking support from industry professionals. Combining self-learning with networking can help individuals become successful SEO professionals.

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