Christopher Levy

Guest Bio: 

Chris started in content marketing in 2004, 

By 2014, he began a career in SEO 

He is a speaker and online educator

He taught Data Analytics and Visualization at the University of Miami.

He is the founder of Made Yah Click and Niche. Site

Please welcome Christopher Levy

Knowledge Bombs:

20:38 – How does Christopher get ranking on page one of Google?

Christopher emphasizes the importance of quality links, user-focused content, and a good user experience in Google’s page one ranking. He advocates for engagement-based models like GA4 and data visualization tools like Looker Studio for effective client satisfaction.

21:40 – How did Christopher got into SEO?

Christopher discovered SEO in 2014 after working with SEO Dave D Gregorio. He transitioned from marketing copy to SEO content, working at agencies like Polaris and Clearlink. His progression into SEO was driven by his success and adaptability.

26:00 – What were some of Christopher’s resources?

Christopher emphasizes the importance of continuous engagement, tracking progress, and learning in SEO to stay updated and effective in the ever-evolving field, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach.

30:23 – Why does Christopher prefer GA4 over Universal Analytics for tracking user engagement?

Christopher prefers GA4 over Universal Analytics due to its engagement-based model, offering robust tracking of user engagement on websites and app-based platforms. GA4 also offers enhanced visualization features, allowing users to analyze user interactions and behaviors in a streamlined package.

33:52 – What third-party visualization software does Christopher recommend, and why?

Christopher mentions Looker Studio, Google’s proprietary third-party visualization software, which offers significant data visualization capabilities and is widely known for its value in creating customized reports for clients.

42:01 – How to create visualizations?

Christopher emphasizes the significance of visualizations in effectively conveying data, suggesting tools like Looker Studio or Tap Reports for customization. These tools present data in a clear, engaging format, enhancing communication and decision-making processes.

50:58 – How does Christopher suggest setting up conversions in GA4, and what tools and resources does he recommend?

Christopher suggests using Google Tag Manager to create conversions in GA4 for user interaction monitoring. This simple process, aided by tutorials and YouTube guides, allows for effective tracking of scroll depth and video engagement.

58:28 – What are some other fundamental principles do effective visualization for SEO metrics?

Christopher emphasizes storytelling through data, using Looker Studio for visualization, presenting compelling insights, and proactively monitoring to ensure stakeholder understanding and trust in the data presentation process.

1:00:45 – Christopher’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Christopher advises aspiring SEO professionals to focus on persistence, hands-on experience, and engagement-based learning. He emphasizes using tools like Google Tag Manager and Analytics, effective storytelling, and visualization to develop essential skills and excel in SEO.

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