Christopher Panteli

Guest Bio:

Chris is the co-founder of Linkifi leading PR link building agency that offers premium services.

He focused on affiliate Authority Niche SAS and other online properties.

He helps clients vastly improve their domain rating traffic E-E-A-T and start position by securing the best links on the web.

He just launched the Market Movers podcast.

Please welcome, Christopher Panteli!

Knowledge Bombs:

10:29 – How does Christopher get ranking on page one of Google?

Christopher gets ranking on page one of Google by focusing on content and links. 

11:07 – How did Christopher got into SEO?

Christopher discovered SEO five years ago after discovering blog income reports of people earning money without paying for traffic through display ads or affiliate links, leading him to build his first affiliate site.

12:46 – How did Linkifi come about?

Christopher and his team founded Linkify to assist in pitching and acquiring backlinks, a time-consuming task. They have been in business for three years and have also launched a podcast.

16:10 – What is Harrow?

Harrow was a platform for journalists to request expert commentary to improve their articles, facilitating engagement between journalists and experts. Founded 15 years ago by Peter Shankman and acquired by Cision

19:21 – What platforms does Christopher suggest for finding PR requests and providing expert commentary, besides Harrow?

Christopher mentioned Twitter as a popular platform for journalists requesting expert commentary, alongside Harrow. He mentioned the availability of free tools to aggregate PR requests from Twitter. Harrow serves as an umbrella term for PR requests, but other avenues like Twitter offer similar opportunities for expert commentary.

27:10 – How does Christopher ensure high-quality responses and increase the chances of winning quality backlinks through Connectively?

Christopher optimized his backlinks by creating a well-written, researched pitch, clearly identifying himself, and avoiding automation, resulting in better responses and increased chances of quality backlinks.

31:01 – Christopher utilizes Connectively’s Blacklist feature for efficient link building

Christopher highlighted Connectively’s free Blacklist feature for better link building, allowing users to identify and avoid domains unlikely to provide backlinks, saving time and effort on ineffective pitches.

35:54 – Key mistakes to avoid by Christopher

Christopher emphasizes the importance of reading journalists’ requirements on platforms like Connectively when pitching PR requests. Neglecting these requirements can lead to missed opportunities and rejected pitches. Paying attention to journalists’ needs can greatly improve pitch success.

43:45 – How does Christopher decide between using client-based or agency emails for pitches?

Christopher suggests using client-based or agency emails for pitches, depending on factors like the number of clients, platform, and pitching strategy. Agency emails are appropriate for pitching as an agency, while client-based emails establish credibility.

45:43 – Maintaining professionalism when using Connectively to interact with journalists

Christopher’s professionalism tips on Connectively: read journalist requirements, answer directly, demonstrate expertise, tailor pitches, verify identity, avoid automation.

57:34 – Christopher’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Christopher recommends SEO professionals focus on their niche, practice on personal or test sites, and invest time in continuous learning and experimentation.

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