Daniel Foley Carter

Guest Bio:

Daniel is one of the BEST SEOs in the UK.

He’s been in the SEO industry since 1999.

During the mid-2000s, Daniel worked for some of the UK’s largest SEO agencies.

He is the lead SEO for Assertive and also runs an independent SEO consultancy.

He is the founder of SEO Stack IO and SEO Audits IO.

Please welcome Daniel Foley Carter!

Knowledge Bombs: 

20:05 – How does Daniel get ranking on page one of Google?

Daniel achieves Google page one ranking by creating content that matters, building brand, trust, using SEO, query counting, and continuously testing. He maintains high rankings by focusing on quality and link audits.

21:04 – How did Daniel got into SEO?

Daniel got into SEO at a young age and was motivated to start selling stuff online during the dot-com boom era. Even though he was too young at that time and lacked the necessary skill set, he began doing SEO even before Yahoo and MSN were major players. This early exposure to SEO laid the foundation for his journey in the field.  

28:47 – How does Daniel price his audits?

Daniel’s audit pricing strategy is tailored to individual needs and variations of each business and website, avoiding a uniform package system, ensuring a more relevant and customized approach for clients.

33:15 – How to recover from Google algorithm room updates?

Daniel proposes a strategic recovery plan for Google algorithm updates, involving comprehensive analysis, content consolidation, page adjustments, performance evaluation, and high-quality link acquisition from traffic-driven pages.

39:25 – Common signs that a website has been affected by an update

Websites affected by updates may show decreased traffic, clicks, impressions, and average position. Content indexed is another indicator. Daniel recommends checking Google Search Console and waiting 28 days for accurate assessment.

41:55 – What type of content is the most affected by the recent updates?

Recent updates have significantly impacted slow secret AI content, thin, SEO-focused content, and search-focused content, particularly in e-commerce sites, causing significant impacts on user value.

43:37 – The process of creating a recovery plan

Daniel’s recovery plan involves crawling a site, reviewing updates, reviewing past ones, and analyzing content and user behavior to devise short-term and long-term strategies for recovery.

52:06 – Daniel recovered a site hit by a helpful content update through specific action

Daniel conducted an index cleanup for a casino site, identifying and addressing pages not indexed, using Google Search Console API. This meticulous process, spanning over three weeks, allowed Daniel to optimize the site’s indexing status as part of the recovery plan.

1:07:43 – Danielโ€™s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Daniel advises practicing and learning from resources to become an SEO professional. He recommends Mark Williams Cook’s fundamentals course and a learning platform for a solid foundation in SEO, enhancing expertise.

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