DC Glenn

Guest Bio:

DC has been in the music industry for 3+ decades and has an obsession with SEO 

He made musical history as DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team with his multi-platinum hit single and album “Whoomp… There Is! ” 

He has his own digital marketing company called CLG Investments Inc. 

He is an entrepreneur at heart; he has a passion for empowering, educating, and leaving a legacy of inspiration for his fellow artists. 

Please welcome DC The Brain Supreme!

Knowledge Bombs:

17:52 –  How does DC get ranking on page one of Google?

DC discusses his approach to getting ranking on page one of Google, emphasizing the importance of several key factors. Firstly, he mentions the significance of examining the competition’s page, focusing on elements such as H-tags and schema. Additionally, he stresses the importance of utilizing keyword-rich and LSI keyword-rich content to enhance relevance. Moreover, he highlights the need to fill out Google business profiles comprehensively in order to gain visibility in local searches. These strategies appear to form the foundation of his approach to achieving high rankings on Google.  

19:00 – How did DC got into SEO?

DC’s journey into SEO began in September 2012 when he was booked for a Geico commercial by his acting agent, Lena Ramirez. Despite initial challenges, he dedicated himself to learning SEO from scratch, acquiring mastery in challenging areas.  

37:31 – Why DC uses Flicker as a strategy?

DC uses Flicker for its high domain authority, enhancing content visibility and relevance in search engine rankings. He strategically places images and information aligned with his professional endeavors, bolstering his online presence and influence.

39:58 – DC’s insights about AI

DC appears to have a deep appreciation for AI and its impact on his thinking and problem-solving approach. He expresses an affinity for AI, stating that it has “infiltrated” his thinking, causing him to “think like chat” and highlighting how AI enables him to generate numerous ideas quickly. He also addresses common perceptions of AI, suggesting that people may fear it needlessly, comparing it to previous technological advancements such as the shift from horse and buggy to cars. This perspective implies that he sees AI as a powerful tool for problem-solving and creativity rather than something to be feared.  

43:30 – DC tells us more about those seeds that he plants.

DC uses SEO techniques like IMDb and Flickr to plant seeds, enhancing his online presence and attracting potential opportunities. This proactive approach creates a digital trail, paving the way for future connections and opportunities.

45:30 – Hustle tips by DC by joining organizations

DC emphasizes the importance of joining organizations for learning and growth, highlighting the value of connections with experts and leveraging their knowledge to enhance his skills. This proactive mindset underscores the significance of continuous learning and networking.

52:01 – How does AI part of DC’s workflow?

DC integrates AI into his workflow, enhancing his thinking and problem-solving process. He actively uses AI by creating prompts and optimizing them, generating ideas quickly and efficiently. He appreciates AI’s influence on his thinking, comparing it to a chatbot, highlighting its significant impact on various tasks and challenges.

52:13 – How to build your own prompt 

DC creates his own prompts by analyzing existing ones, sourcing words from copywriting books and marketing resources, and testing different words. He uses AI to regularly create new prompts and optimize them for relevance and quality.

1:02:32 – DC’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

DC Glenn advises becoming an SEO professional to network, learn from others, and engage in various professional events. He emphasizes attending conferences, seeking courses, and asking questions to gain knowledge and insights in SEO, while being genuine in seeking help.

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