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Guest Bio:

Eean is a technologist and SEO expert with ten years of experience in the industry. 

His strengths include a particular aptitude for understanding changes to major algorithms in real time. 

His business portfolio includes 11 operating businesses producing cash flow.

He is a speaker at Digital Unfiltered, SEO Spring Training, SEO Mastery Summit, and more.

He is the owner of the local SEO tool “Agency Assassin.”

Please welcome Eean Ovens!

Knowledge Bombs:

21:43 – How does Eean get ranking on page one of Google?

Eean emphasizes the significance of trust in Google ranking, stating that building a strong brand, engaging in activities, and sending powerful signals like links and CTR enhance authority and trustworthiness.

22:28 – How did Eean got into SEO?

Eean’s journey into SEO began as an operations manager for a roofing company, where he hired Marcus Jeffrey for SEO services. He later joined a printing company, learned SEO Power Suite software, and successfully ranked a client for “Denver dispensary.”

27:36 – Eean’s tip in networking

Eean emphasizes the importance of networking by asking questions and challenging ideas, especially related to one’s work. He also emphasizes being open, providing value, and using platforms.

32:47 – How did Eean rank over 20 keywords on position one over less than eight weeks?

Eean built a strong online presence for a client with an existing brand but no online presence, utilizing a successful SEO strategy and understanding their goals, resulting in over 20 keywords ranking first within a short time.

36 :29 – How do citations play off Eean’s strategy?

Eean’s strategy relies on citations, which Google uses to establish a business’s existence and credibility. These backlinks, including NAP information, link back to the brand and provide relevant information. They help build trust and credibility for Google’s Knowledge Graph by confirming the business’s presence, location, and hours.

39:40 – What advice does Eean give for creating effective press releases for local clients?

Eean emphasized the significance of creating timely, relevant press releases that connect stories to specific events or seasons, such as storm season or major weather events, for local roofing companies to engage and establish a strong online presence.

42:29 – Eean optimizes Google business profiles.

Eean optimizes Google Business Profiles by adding services, products, and crafting relevant content like FAQs. They aim to improve visibility and appeal, emphasizing the importance of tying content to current events or seasons.

44:56 – How to get reviews for our profiles by Eean

Eean emphasizes the importance of social engineering in obtaining reviews for profiles on platforms like Google Business Profile. He links income to the success of obtaining reviews, motivating clients to actively seek and encourage reviews. The rate of reviews gained is more critical than the total number.

46:51 – Effective ways to drive traffic without triggering Google manipulation filters

Eean emphasizes driving traffic without Google’s manipulation filters by focusing on user engagement and efficient content creation, focusing on Click-Through Rates (CTR) for quick user engagement.

56:13 – What part does content creation play within Eean’s strategy on ranking over 20 keywords?

Eean’s strategy involves content creation to rank over 20 keywords quickly. Google’s focus on internal links and topic relationships reduces dependency on external links. By strategically using internal links and subject knowledge graphs, Eean builds relevance, authority, and trust, achieving successful SEO results.

1:02:47 – Eean’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Eean’s advice for SEO professionals is to continuously learn and adapt to the evolving landscape of SEO. He emphasizes the importance of comprehensive strategies, staying updated with industry trends, and the growing significance of branding in SEO.

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