Fery Kaszoni

Guest Bio:

Fery is a Search Engine enthusiast and software developer with extensive experience building complex database systems. 

He owns and operates dozens of web and SAAS platforms and valuable online tools, with a network of websites reaching millions of users every month. 

He constantly publishes exciting case studies on SEO and successful websites. 

He can create a buzz quickly, and his SEO methods are revolutionary. 

Please welcome the world’s top digital PR link building expert, Fery Kaszoni.

Knowledge Bombs:

20:39 – How does Fery get ranking on page one of Google?

Fery emphasized the importance of creating a high-quality website that meets search intent, ensuring flawlessness, and effectively promoting it, focusing on user experience and content relevance for Google ranking.

21:27 – How did Fery got into SEO?

Despite lacking formal education in marketing or coding, Fery delved into SEO through self-teaching, experimenting with content, coding, and link building strategies to improve website ranking.

27:40 – The difference between digital PR and traditional PR

Fery emphasized digital PR, a web-based approach to brand awareness and visibility, focusing on acquiring SEO links, whereas traditional PR focuses on product promotion through traditional mediums. This shift is driven by the importance of quality links.

31:47 – Fery’s tip on getting targeting

Fery suggests using Google’s advanced search operators, hunter.io for journalist emails, and Twitter for trending topics for effective targeting and media coverage.

34:05 – What is Fery’s approach to competing compelling content that resonates with the media and the target audience that gets picked?

Fery’s content strategy emphasizes simplicity, a clear presentation of facts, and a meaningful story. He focuses on the actual story rather than tone or style, aiming to engage the media and target audience effectively.

37:32 – What metrics and KPIs does Fery find valuable to share with his clients for a successful DPR?

Fery emphasizes the importance of link generation as a key performance indicator (KPI) for successful DPR campaigns. They aim to secure around 10 quality links per campaign, focusing on this metric to track and communicate campaign effectiveness to clients.

38:32 – Why is Fery’s successful using reactive PR?

Fery effectively utilizes reactive PR by monitoring trending and real-time events, encouraging team members to share interesting stories, and staying agile to capitalize on current events. This approach increases client visibility and impact.

49:56 – Once everything is set up and all commentary is gathered, how should the email to the journalist be structured and executed?

Fery emphasized the concise format of a press release’s intro text, which consists of three bullet points, ensuring a clear and efficient presentation of key information for journalists.

55:44 – Fery’s advice to those who want to get into SEO space or digital PR

Fery advises focusing on digital PR and dedicating all efforts to this area, including content and guest posts. This will increase expertise and significantly impact the SEO and PR fields.

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