Gisele Góes

Guest Bio:

Gisele attended Stanford University and currently plans, manages and executes data-informative digital strategies that utilize content to drive more customers. 

She worked on various projects, from early-stage startups to global companies, to increase their growth. 

She is the Former Content Marketing Manager at Wpromote She took Chime from 0-2M organic visitors monthly. 

Please welcome the Director, Organic Growth at Chime, Gisele Goes!

Knowledge Bombs:

19:39 – How does Gisele get ranking on page one of Google?

Gisele prioritizes serving relevant content to the right people at the right time, aligning with user intent, and continuously monitoring and adapting to changes in search engine algorithms and user behavior.

20:10 – How did Gisele got into SEO?

Gisele began her career in content marketing, working with startups in app development and social media. She later delved into SEO content within an agency. She believes SEO is a result of successful content strategy and emphasizes understanding all components for success.

22:09 – Gisele’s growth working on an agency

Gisele’s agency experience provided her with diverse experiences and opportunities, serving as a valuable learning environment. Despite the initial challenges, she valued the benchmarking and toolset expansion. She chose to use her agency expertise to drive growth for a single company, focusing on SEO.

25:44 – What are the primary SEO tactics that Gisele prioritized to achieve growth?

Gisele focused on SEO growth through strategy understanding, education, and partnerships with product marketing and content creation. She emphasized collaboration and scaling, focusing on a cohesive strategy, education, and scalable practices to drive effective decision-making and growth.

28:10 – Gisele’s on-page SEO strategy

Gisele’s on-page SEO strategy emphasizes partnerships, content creation, and collaboration with product marketing and content creation. It goes beyond keyword addition and requires a strong foundation, scalability, and a measurement framework for informed decision-making and efficient growth.

29:33 – What’s the off-page SEO strategy of Gisele?

Gisele’s off-page SEO strategy employs diverse backlink-building methods, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of link-building for enterprise companies like Chime, despite not delving into specifics.

40:01 – Gisele creates a collaborative environment between teams through effective strategies

Gisele fosters a collaborative environment among teams by involving diverse professionals in SEO, content marketing, and development. She integrates SEO considerations into content marketing, aligning work with objectives. This approach promotes open communication, mutual understanding, and a shared vision for cross-functional success.

58:08 – Gisele’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Gisele advises aspiring SEO professionals to understand content and user search journeys, grasp SEO basics like search volume and SER features, and be curious, asking questions, and continuously learning. Her curiosity led her to develop a deep understanding of SEO strategies.

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